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Pioneer in Hose Production
Wide Hose Production Infrastructure
We Produce High Quality Hose for the Whole World
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We offer services with years of knowledge and experience.
We produce rubber wicks and hoses with a wide range of production
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Sustainable Quality
NOA Kaucuk is
Focused on Sustainability Continues
Continuous Innovation

Noa Kaucuk offers high standards in the rubber hoses, filters and profiles it produces.

We Produce for the World

We provide added value to our country's economy by delivering our products to all continents.

Industry Leader

NOA Rubber has become the leading name of the sector with its continuous investment policy.


product segments

Automotive Sector - Door Seals

We produce door seals with a wide range of products for the automotive industry.

Fuel and Oil Hoses

We produce fuel and oil hoses used in the engine part of vehicles

End User Rubber Hoses and Profiles

We produce PVC hose and rubber products for end users.

Metal Braided Hot and Cold Water Hoses

We Produce Metal, Textile Braided and PVC Hoses

Kraft Air Hoses

We produce kraft air hoses of high standards.

LPG, CNC and Biodiesel Fuel Hoses

We produce LPG and biodiesel fuel hoses, which are primarily preferred in the automotive industry.

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together we are stronger
We are with you with our wide product range and modern machinery.